Paint to Match

Paint to match

You can paint Infinity products to match exterior colors without affecting the protective performance of Ultrex fiberglass.

The Beauty of Wood. The look, the warmth, the color:

Introducing EverWood, our revolutionary interior wood grain finish that looks, feels, paints and stains like wood, yet is completely low maintenance for years of lasting beauty. Its natural appearance beautifully complements any interior woodwork in your home. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of wood in a superior, low-maintenance replacement window by Infinity by Marvin.

Ultra-Durable Performance. Solid window, strong finish, low maintenance

Long-lasting EverWood is made from an inorganic material, and it won’t absorb moisture or decay over time. There’s virtually no warping, discoloration, material degradation, expansion, or contraction, just remarkably reliable performance and lasting beauty year after year.

Stains like Wood

Paint to match

EverWood, the remarkable engineered wood grain finish by Infinity from Marvin, is easy to stain in just a few, simple steps. It takes stain like wood, and thanks to its extreme durability, you’ll enjoy the rich, natural look of wood for years to come.

Glazing Options

Standard Low E II w/Argon and optional Low E 366 w/Argon glass. They are also available with the optional tempered, obscure and tempered obscure.

Screen Options

Infinity Screen Options

With just one glance through the Hi Transparency screen, you’ll be amazed at what you see-and what you won’t. You will see a clearer, brighter view without the distortion and haziness that are often experienced with traditional screens. The tighter, finer mesh of the Hi Transparency screen provides a clearer view to the outdoors so you can experience nature the way it was intended-from the bright greens of spring to falls’ most vibrant colors.

  Infinity Everwood Screen

Grille Options

 Grilles-Between-the-Glass  Simulated-Divided-Lites
 Infinity GBG  Infinity SDL
Infinity replacement windows are available with the grilles between the panes of insulating glass. Choose Simulated-Divided-Lites for an authentic divided glass look. Simulated-Divided-Lite bars are permanently adhered to the outside surfaces of the glass with a spacer bar between the panes of glass.