A Homeowners Guide to the Benefits of Storm Doors

Whether we’re facing winter snowstorms or spring rainstorms, a storm door can greatly benefit any entryway. Below we are sharing 4 ways that a storm door can improve your home this season.

Since storm doors are expected to fulfill so many requirements, homeowners should be careful when choosing their storm door and installer. NEXT Door & Window offers an array of storm doors in various brands, styles, and custom colors to best fit your needs with expert installers to get the job done seamlessly.

Storm Door


A storm door can be durable, energy-efficient, stylish, and innovative plus a great value to you and your family. Whether you want to showcase your entryway, seal a draft, let more light in, or ventilate your home, a storm door can provide all of this and more.


Storm doors can protect your beautiful new front door and entry space against heavy rain and windblown debris. If you are investing in a custom, high-quality entry door, adding a storm door would help extend the life and beauty of your new purchase and also minimize the need for maintenance. If you choose a storm door with a retractable screen, it can also protect against bugs while letting in fresh air when leaving the entry door open.

Storm Door

Storm Door


Installing storm doors is one of the most inexpensive home projects that provide many benefits to homeowners as mentioned in this post. Besides protecting your entryway, you can also boost curb appeal with a storm door.

Sometimes when we think of storm doors we may find them plain or uninviting, but they can truly be so much more than that. You can choose a full-view storm door to allow your front door to shine, you can customize the color to help your entryway pop, or blend in the tones with your home’s facades to give it that high-end clean look.

Whatever you’re dreaming up, our experts can help you visualize this final storm door look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

Storm Door

Storm Door

Storm Door in Illinois

Storm Door in Illinois


Another great benefit of choosing a storm door for your entryway is the added energy efficiency! Storm doors help you save energy, as they are good buffers against extreme temperatures during the summer and winter seasons. We all know that during these seasons the energy bills can skyrocket, and these doors can provide another layer of efficiency. Plus, anything that helps you live a little greener is a good way to help our earth.

Storm Doors in Illinois

Storm Door Installation in Illinois


Another top benefit that storm doors can provide is that they offer additional security to your home. You’re essentially adding a second door; a second door equals a second lock, which in turn makes it more challenging for intruders. We think anything that can give you an extra sense of safety is worth it in our book.

Storm Door Installation in Illinois

Storm door installation in Illinois

Storm door installation in Illinois

So whether you’re looking for curb appeal, efficiency, or safety and protection, NEXT Door & Window can help you breathe new life into your home’s exterior. We are currently offering in-home or virtual appointments with our Design and Energy experts to get your projects started ASAP. Schedule yours today.


4 Benefits to Having Storm Doors

How to Choose the Best Windows For Your Bathroom

Something as simple as upgrading your bathroom windows can dramatically improve the look and feel of the room. New windows can offer added natural light, a better view, or general style update. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to shopping for new windows, here are some tips from our experts to help you get started.

new bathroom windows


You can improve both the look and functionality of your bathroom by installing the right windows and establishing a focal point. With proper treatment, you can enjoy just the right amount of light and privacy in your room. The window styles listed below can easily transform your bathroom. See photos for further inspiration.

bathroom window treatment


If you have space and the view, don’t waste it with regular-sized windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows let you enjoy the view while having a relaxing bath or make you feel like you’re showering in nature. You can partially cover these windows if privacy is a concern.

Floor-to-ceiling windows will also give the illusion of a bigger space. With all the sunlight pouring in, you’ll also benefit from a more relaxing atmosphere. Large, beautifully designed windows can serve as a highlight of your bathroom.

If you’re not sure how a floor-to-ceiling window will look in your bathroom, our experts can help you visualize this final window look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

floor-to-ceiling bathroom windows

floor-to-ceiling bathroom windows

floor-to-ceiling bathroom windows


Okay, this one isn’t necessarily a window style, but strategically placing a window by a bathtub, or upgrading a window you may already have on that wall will do wonders for your bathroom! This will also become a good focal point. You can dress the window with beautiful drapery for privacy and added flair.

Whichever window style you choose here, it’ll allow you to maximize your sunlight or experience a bubble bath under the stars. Now that’s some good “me time”.

window by your bathtub

window near bathtub

windows near bathtub


On another note, if you have a smaller bathroom but you’d like to bring in more light or make the room appear bigger, consider a bay window. A bay window would be perfect in a small bathroom because it protrudes out of the wall literally giving the bathroom more space. The shelf/nook that comes with having a bay window will also provide needed shelf/storage space.

bathroom bay windowphoto source:


If privacy is a bigger concern but you’d still like to bring in more natural light consider a skylight window. Obviously, the bathroom would need to be on the top level of your home, but a skylight window can brighten up the room beautifully regardless of the size of your bathroom.

If you place the skylight right above the bathtub and hang some fresh eucalyptus from the shower head, it’ll make you feel like you’re peacefully in nature.

bathroom skylight window

If you would like to know more about our bathroom window options or windows for any other room in your home, call today to schedule your free appointment at 630-280-2748 or contact us HERE.


How to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior For Ultimate Curb Appeal

If you want your home’s exterior to have ultimate curb appeal, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Your home’s curb appeal makes a big impact on visitors, neighbors, potential buyers, and the entire block in general. An upgrade to your home’s exterior can also significantly increase the value of your home.

NEXT Door & Window can help you do just that by replacing your old and drafty windows, as well as upgrading your front door to give your guests and any passerby a great first impression.

Upgrade Your Home's Curb Appeal


We offer quality windows that will add character to your home. They come in a wide range of designs, colors, and hardware to match your home’s unique style.

Our windows feature insulated glass that can reduce water spots when exposed to sunlight, ensuring a clear outdoor view. They are also energy-efficient to help reduce your energy bills. The frames they come with are also strong and will last for many years.

To make the most of your windows, your design should reflect the architectural style of your home. If you’re living in a traditional Tudor-style home, modern windows that run from floor to ceiling may look awkward.

Look for a style that works well with your architecture, like windows with classic diamond-shaped mullions. Your Design and Energy expert will help guide you through the process of upgrading your window space. 

The beauty of choosing custom windows is that whatever your vision is for your home, we can help create it. You can upgrade specialty shaped windows, add grilles, or change an entire wall to include windows that weren’t there before.

Best part? Our experts can help you visualize this final window look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

upgraded home windows

upgraded home windows


Aside from windows, NEXT Door & Window has an array of custom entry doors that can add charm to your home. When choosing a style, it’s best to consult local experts, such as NEXT Door. Like our windows, our doors also come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

We have Heritage Fiberglass that offers the classic look of wood grain or smooth-colored finish. We also have Signet Fiberglass that sports an authentic wood look, giving your home that natural appeal. They also feature high-definition panel profiles that create shadow lines and unique panel designs. Or maybe you just want to add a burst of color to your exterior, and a bold front door can help you achieve that.

As mentioned, all of our doors come with customizable features such as screen options, hardware choices, decorative glass offerings, and different stain colors to ensure seamless integration with the existing exterior. And, just like with windows, our Home Visualizer tool allows you to try on door styles before buying.

new entry door

upgraded home's front door

new front door

NEXT Door & Window can help you breathe new life into your home’s exterior. We are currently offering virtual or in-home appointments with our Design and Energy experts to get your projects started ASAP. Schedule yours today.


How To Upgrade Your Home's Exterior For Ultimate Curb Appeal 

4 Expert Tips on Choosing a New Front Door

If you’re in the market for a new front door, choose one that not only adds to your home’s curb appeal (therefore increasing its value) but also boosts its performance. A front door is more than just a point of entry; it is a great way to make an impact without the cost of an extensive renovation. According to Therma Tru’s “National Home Value Study”, by just replacing your front door you can roughly increase the value of your property by $18,750. That alone is a great reason to upgrade!

Tips on Choosing a New Front Door

Below are 4 expert tips on choosing the best front door for your home. All the photos shown in this post come from our team of experts and their beautiful installations. 

custom front door

new front door

new custom front door
Continue reading “4 Expert Tips on Choosing a New Front Door”

4 Key Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes sweltering heat, blasted air conditioners, and/or more opened windows. Damaged, broken, or inefficient windows are known to cause discomfort as well as higher energy bills.

Maintaining your home’s windows can help ensure that it remains cozy and functional despite harsh climate conditions. Today we are sharing 4 key reasons you should replace your windows this summer.


Windows are some of the most used structures in your home. This constant use, however, can lead to deterioration. Don’t ignore that small crack or broken seal on your window. And, don’t try to fix it yourself. Remember that applying a quick fix to your window does not guarantee a permanent solution to the problem.

Things to look for when inspecting your windows:

  • rotted frames
    • failed caulking
    • cracked glass

Always remember that it is best to invest in an effective long-term solution before small window problems get out of hand.


It’s always a good idea to keep track of your windows to ensure that the shifting seasons don’t catch you off guard. When you have a broken or inefficient window, it would be hard for it to filter the heat coming from outside, especially during the scorching summer season. So instead of being comfortable and feeling protected inside your home, you end up feeling hot and sticky because of your busted window.

Before you lose your cool literally and figuratively, it’s better to replace that old window of yours with a new one. At Next Door & Window, we offer high-quality replacement windows from some of the most trusted names in the industry. We make sure your new windows are installed correctly and sealed tightly to keep the unwanted heat out for good.


As mentioned, air leaks or drafts can cause discomfort in your home, causing you to overwork your HVAC units. They will significantly drive up your energy costs. They usually come from small cracks, gaps, and crevices found in old and deteriorated windows and doors.

If you are having trouble with your windows, have a professional contractor inspect them now. You may not notice it easily, but an inefficient window that fails to regulate temperatures inside your home can cause you hefty cooling (and heating) bills.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on cooling (or heating), make sure to replace any old or damaged windows with energy-efficient ones. Each window unit from Next Door and Window is given an air and watertight seal. We use an ingenious combination of rubber membrane, specialized sealants, insulating foam, and exterior cladding to ensure maximum protection from the elements.


Say you’ve noticed that your windows are leaking and in need of an upgrade, then postponing that can create permanent damage, which in turn can bring on major costs. But what if the damage isn’t an obvious leak or another easy tell? We know that sometimes it can be hard to see where your window stands and what exactly it needs.

If assessing the damage is too difficult, call-in window experts to give an assessment. And if a new window is needed, our experts can also help you choose window designs that will blend with your home’s architectural style and decor. Plus, they can help you visualize this final window look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

If you’re ready to replace your windows this summer, our experts are here and ready to help. We have years of experience and extensive training to make sure that the products we install in your home perform well. If you’re wondering how the remodeling process works, you can read this post here. Call today to schedule your free appointment at 630-280-2748 or contact us HERE.


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