When It Comes To Your Window Color

Which Do You Prefer?


Only NEXT Door and Window Offers Complete Custom Paint or Custom Stain Options For Your Windows, Doors, and Trim

1. Choose Your Color
Major window manufacturers highly recommend having your wood and fiberglass doors painted or stained prior to installation. We let you choose your favorite color for your windows, and we’ll paint or stain them your choice of colors ahead of time.
5. Dry and Vent Doors and Windows
We dry each window or door in a controlled environment. Windows and doors must be left open and unlocked for proper curing at temperatures between 60-80 degrees. This is often not possible after installation.To achieve a deep color, we then re-apply another coat of stain or paint.
2. Maintain Product Warranties
If your windows are not finished within 30 days of installation you could lose your manufacturer’s warranty. By providing the proper prestain or pre-painting service up front, we help maintain your warranty coverage.
6. Add a Protective Film
We add an additional hardening coat to protect your color.
3. Disassemble Entire Window to Expose All Surfaces
No “half-done” paint job with unfinished corners and seams. We don’t cut corners. We take apart the window to ensure all surfaces are colored, so they’ll look perfect.
7. Eliminate Odors in Your Home
If you paint or stain yourself, odors may linger in your home for days. We dry each window and door to allow vapors and stain odors to evaporate.
4. Coat with Full Color
We completely paint or stain all interior surfaces to achieve the desired color and apply 2 coats of polyurethane to all stained finishes.
8. We Deliver & Install Your Windows In Your Favorite Color
After installation, we even fill nail holes and complete touch-ups for the ultimate “no-hassle” experience. It looks great!