Home Office Window Ideas

With this unexpected shift in our routines, many of us are now working from home daily. It can be hard for some to stay inspired when working from home, but we believe that the space you create around you can help greatly.

Who can agree that it’s hard to get your job done in a dark, uninspiring room? That’s why we love the idea of creating a home office space around natural light and beautiful views (if available). Natural vitamin D helps boost your productivity so let’s find ways to open up those walls.

Below you’ll find at-home office styles that’ll inspire your space so you can bring these ideas to your Design and Energy expert. Whether you already had an at-home office or you just created one on a whim last month, these are some of the windows that will open up the room, fill your home with bright energy, and ultimately help keep you on track.

Home Office Window Ideas

Casement and Double-hung windows are some of the classic choices for home offices. Casement windows are available in larger sizes to allow for plenty of sunlight and fresh air. When natural light fills the room, it generates gorgeous energy that makes the room feel fresher and the colors seem brighter. It also makes the room more comfortable which is vital to staying focused.

Double-hung windows can follow a more traditional style that operates vertically and open freely for easy use and fresh air at various levels. As mentioned, double-hung windows are classic and a fantastic choice if you’re looking for superior strength, simplified design, and a practically maintenance-free window. Which if you’re working from home now, or take your work home often, window upkeep is not something you want on your to-do list.

A little tip: If you’re starting to lose focus in your home office, sometimes a change in scenery can help get you back on track. If you have a back yard and the sun is shining, get out there for some direct vitamin D that can boost your mood, your immune system, and your productivity.

If you don’t have that extra land, bigger windows can do magic. Move over to a living space that inspires you and cozy up to finish your projects. You’d be surprised how much a brighter, more cheerful area can improve your focus.

Lastly, we want to mention Awning windows. Awning windows are hinged at the top of the frame and swing outward with a crank or push out operation. They are great for hard to reach areas and ideal for bringing in the breeze even in wet weather. Awning windows are also great to group with other windows like casements and double-hung to allow even more sunlight into your home office or workspace.

Your Design and Energy expert will help guide you through the process of expanding your window space. You will also be able to see a mock-up of the final look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

If you’re noticing that some window (or door) upgrades are needed as you clock in your hours, we’re here to help! We are currently offering virtual or in-home appointments with our Design and Energy experts to get your projects started ASAP. Schedule yours today.