No Detail Left Unchecked


NEXT Door & Window has a team of dedicated project managers on every job. They’ll review and inspect every detail of your order before your doors and windows even arrive in your home. They work with you throughout the order and installation process to achieve your desired outcome.

It’s all in the details:

  • All orders are reviewed by at least 8 people to eliminate errors
  • We will keep you informed about your order status throughout the entire process
  • All products are inspected for damage and defects
  • We inspect each color, specification, all interior casings and hardware
  • We test cranks, window locks and door locks for proper operation

Our project managers do all of this behind the scenes before we even show up at your doorstep. Our hard work in our rigorous inspection process and our meticulous attention to detail, make things look easy. And that’s just how we like it – easy for you!