The Benefits of Double Pane Windows for Downers Grove, IL, Homeowners

Double Pane Windows Downers Grove ILIf you are looking to upgrade the windows at your residence in the Downers Grove, Illinois, area, you’ve likely come across double pane windows during your search. You may be wondering, “What exactly are double pane windows and are they worth the investment?” You’re not alone. Almost every window available on today’s market comes with two panes of glass, but if you aren’t up to date on the latest window technology, it’s hard to know exactly what this term means. Thankfully, Next Door & Window is here to help you learn more about this type of window.

Double Pane Windows – Defined

Before diving into the advantages of this type of window, it may help to understand exactly what a double pane window is. A double pane window – as you may have guessed – has two sheets of glass within the window frame. In between the two pieces of glass, there is a small space that provides extra insulation. But, why are two panes better than one?

The Benefits of Double Pane Windows

The No. 1 benefit of opting for windows with two panes of glass is their ability to insulate. The small space that exists between the glass panes is typically filled with insulating gas, which helps to reduce energy transfer into and out of your home. In fact, double pane windows, on average, are 50 percent more efficient than their single pane counterparts. This allows your HVAC system to more easily regulate comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year.

In addition, double pane windows are great for noise protection. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or by a busy roadway, this type of window can help to reduce any noise infiltration into your home. And, two panes of glass are more difficult to break than just one, providing your home with an extra level of security against break-ins.

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