Your Guide to Decorative Door Glass

Love the look of a front door with decorative glass but have some concerns? We’re here to answer some of your top questions. There’s no denying that decorative glass can enhance the look of your entryway, but make sure you choose quality brands and materials. Some of the main things to consider when choosing a decorative door glass are as follows:

  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Sunlight
  • Curb appeal


Privacy can be a huge concern when it comes to decorative glass. However, every style of glass comes with a privacy rating of 1-10, with 10 being the most private glass available. Plus, you can even choose a layered glass that will provide plenty of privacy. When choosing a front door and glass, it’s important to consider your home and surrounding area in order to pick the best products for your property.

Do you have a large front yard full of trees? Then going with a larger glass that has a lower privacy rating might be a good choice. Is your home close to the main road? Then you’ll probably want to go with less glass and/or a higher privacy rating.

We’ll help you create a door that’s custom to your style and everyday life with quality materials you can trust. Our Design and Energy experts can also help you visualize this final look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying. You can also visit one of our showrooms to see which glass is best for your needs.


Is a front door with decorative glass safe? This is a common question and a top concern for homeowners. It will ease your mind to know that the glass used for front doors are tempered which means the material is stronger and harder to break. 

Plus, considering our homes are filled with glass windows and (possibly) patio doors, choosing decorative glass for your front door wouldn’t make your home any less safe.

Just make sure you’re choosing quality products from good brands. We source our doors from trusted, name-brand manufacturers like ProVia, Albany Door, Infinity by Marvin, among others.


Would you love to have sunlight streaming in through your front door? People are usually concerned about safety, but sunlight can either be an issue or a “must have”. So that’s another thing to consider if you love decorative glass. Are you looking to increase or decrease the light that flows in?

Some choose to go full-glass when it comes to their front door and there are many benefits to that. Sunlight can be uplifting and energizing. Plus, the glass can open up your space and (possibly) offer a gorgeous view. Read here to learn more about the benefits of light in your home. 

However, if you have certain sensitivities or concerns with the amount of light that comes in then maybe go smaller with the glass and higher with the privacy rating. This will allow the decorative glass to block out more sun but still provide the style that you’re after.


A front door is more than just a point of entry, it can help boost curb appeal, transform the facade, and increase the value of your home. Choosing a front door with decorative glass will tick all of those benefit boxes! Adding in a hand-stained design or artistic pattern can further enhance the look of your entryway. It’s a great way to make an impact without the cost of an extensive renovation.

We know that the front door can often get overlooked, but it’s what greets your guests and gives the first impression of your home so how about we make it a good one? Plus, if the decorative glass has always been on your wish list then we hope this post has helped address some of your concerns.

Our Design and Energy experts are happy to answer any more questions about decorative glass. We’re here to inspire you and your home in this new season! We’d love to make your vision come to life. As always, NEXT Door & Window offers no hassle-no pressure appointments so schedule yours today

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