Door Transformation with Nicole of Cedar and Rush

We recently collaborated with Nicole Regan, lifestyle expert and blogger,  of Her mudroom was in desperate need of a new door and she knew that Next Door and Window was the best company for the job! We’re excited to share the steps along the way and the fantastic final product that has transformed her room.

Cedar & Rush Interview with NDW  

The first steps were to do an interview with our owner, Justin Bartley. Nicole was able to get tons of useful information of when it’s time to update your doors or windows, and what to look for when hiring a company.

She was also able to see the warehouse where a lot of the magic happens! The best part is that she shared that interview and all the behind the scenes photos for her readers on her blog. Click here to read that post.

Here are just a few of the great points Justin Bartley made,

“Most homeowners do not know that there are many different replacement options, some of which may be the wrong solution for their home.”

“Homeowners should thoroughly research wood clad, fiberglass, and vinyl to find the best product for their particular home and application type.”

When choosing a door and window company “Check their rating online with Google reviews, BBB, and Angie’s List. Also, ask for jobs they have done in your neighborhood.”

“Fiberglass has been the biggest trend due to its strength and durability. It’s a great option to withstand the heat and fade that can happen with dark colors.” 

“Water leaks should be the number 1 reason you are buying new windows and doors. Water can damage walls and create much more damage to your home.”

Read the full post here: Cedar & Rush Interview with Next Door & Window Owner

Here are some BEFORE photos of Nicole’s mudroom door:

Our Design and Energy expert, Gary, met with Nicole to go over her options and figure out what would work best in her space. He was also able to show her how the final result would look thanks to our visualizer tool.

With this tool, our experts can take a picture of your home and allow you to build any new door design with different styles, glass, or color options. That way you can see exactly how each door looks on your home before you buy it!

After the decisions were made and the measurements were taken, all was scheduled for installation with our expert installers. As you can see by the photo above, our installers always make sure to keep your space as clean as possible during the job.

Final Result with Cedar & Rush

To say that the choice Nicole (and Gary) made was perfect is an understatement. The new door truly transformed her mudroom! It opened up the room, brightened up the house, enhanced the colors of the furnishings, and is now saving her tons of money every year thanks to the energy efficiency offered with our doors.

Here are some AFTER photos:

We enjoyed working with Nicole of Cedar and Rush! And are excited that she loved the final result as much as we did.

Check out her full post (with many more photos) on the transformation process here: Mudroom Transformation with Next Door & Window

And, if you’re ready to update your doors and windows contact us today by clicking HERE. You’re still on time to get an installation in by Thanksgiving (wow your guests!)


Best Patio Doors for Your Home

Time to update those patio doors? The season is warming up, and since you’ll be using that patio door more often it’s the perfect time to invest in an upgrade. Next Door and Window is here to help you choose the best patio door for your home.

Our expert team can customize your door to meet your preferences for appearance and functionality. You can select from a range of options to ensure a flawless finish that exceeds your expectations.

Signs You Need a New Patio Door

  • Whether you have a sliding or a swinging patio door, if it’s getting more difficult to open it then it might be time to replace it with a new one.
  • If you’re feeling any drafts then an upgrade is recommended. You don’t want the AC or heat slipping out of the cracks and increasing your energy bills.
  • The door is outdated and you’d like a new look. Installing patio doors are a smart way to spruce up your home. They add elegance to your decor, which contributes to curb appeal.

Patio doors are a great return on investment and will cost you less than renovating an entire room. Patio doors offer plenty of natural light giving the illusion of a bigger space. The large glass panels also allow you to enjoy your surroundings and take in the view.

Plus, if you choose a sliding door you’ll automatically have more indoor space.

Patio doors offer function and style and bring something special to your home. Considering that these doors connect you to your outdoor spaces, make sure you choose quality materials and professional installation.

Next Door and Window will help you create a patio door that’s custom to your style and everyday life with top of the line brands you can trust. Our Design and Energy experts can also help you visualize this final look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

Patio Door Brands We Offer

  • Marvin patio doors– When it comes to patio doors, Marvin is the brand in demand. Marvin patio doors give homeowners flexibility by offering an abundance of styles, high-quality materials, and options for both interior and exterior finishes. Every Marvin patio door is custom made, but they all share the exceptional performance that the Marvin brand is known for.

  • Infinity patio doors– Infinity from Marvin offers a range of elegant, smooth-operating, energy-efficient fiberglass that is low maintenance and reliable. They offer a traditional French appearance and are available in different stains and finishes that will complement your home.

  • Integrity patio doors– Integrity from Marvin patio doors are made with Ultrex,® fiberglass that outperforms many other materials such as roll-form aluminum, vinyl, and other fiberglass composites. Integrity patio doors endure all the elements without showing signs of wear, all while insulating your home from outdoor temperatures. Perfect choice for our brutal Illinois winters and scorching summers!

  • Sunrise patio doors Sunrise patio doors can stand up to the elements through the years. They come with four seals of weather-stripping that eliminate leaks and drafts, which in turn lessens your heating and cooling costs. These patio doors are simple yet strong, will complement any architectural style, and withstand the frequent use that patio doors can endure.

Whatever your patio door style, our experts can help you design the ideal look for your home. Call today to schedule your free appointment at 630-280-2748 or contact us HERE.

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Our Favorite Installations of 2018

The year is coming to an end quicker than any of us expected. We’re so grateful for the amazing people we were able to work with this year and the happy clients we’ve encountered. We thought this end of the year post could be dedicated to highlighting some of our favorite installations. If your doors or windows are in need of an upgrade, we hope this post can inspire you for 2019. New year, new home, right?

We recently shared how specialty windows can transform your home’s façade, and this Infinity window is a fantastic example. The look was combined with new Provia double doors and Sidelites. It definitely made for a beautiful entryway.

Here is a good before and after image to paint the picture of what’s capable with Next Door and Window. This Arlington Heights homeowner wanted to go from a double entry door to a single door with Sidelites. We matched the new stone to the existing brick color. The new entry door is a Provia Signet with 2 Sidelites and Veretta Stone. 

We all know that gray seems to be the “it” color right now. So why not incorporate this color into your front door and add instant curb appeal? This beautiful entry door is a Provia Signet.

The dramatic height of these windows simply takes your breath away. Think you don’t have enough space to choose larger windows and maximize your rooms? Our Design and Energy experts can help you create this look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying. So go ahead, open up your space!

We love when our customers choose a color that makes a bold statement! This Provia cherry entry door brightens up the façade and at the same time increases the value of their home.

These are Sunrise windows and we love the way they alternate in size and opening options here. Choosing these different types of windows can also help create the illusion of a larger space and add distinct architectural interest to your home.

This dark contrasting Albany door against a light exterior color is a great example of current trends. It’s a bold look we love and we hope to see more of it!

This stunning installation is of Marvin Integrity French Doors. The doors coupled with specialty windows really give this room that wow factor.

Looking for a timeless look? Look no further than this Provia Signet Entry Door with decorative Sidelites installation. The contrasting colors of this entryway make a statement of their own. An updated front door truly is a great way to make an impact without the cost of an extensive renovation.

We are loving the black frame of this Marvin Integrity three panel sliding patio door. Marvin sliding doors set the industry benchmark for effortless and graceful operation with styles to complement any room or design. Old windows and patio doors can be a source of heat loss in the winter. Investing in quality upgrades can save you a lot on your energy bills. Next Door and Window offers plenty of energy efficient window options with air-tight insulation so you never have to worry about the energy you use slipping out of your home. 

The Provia Signet double doors selected for this installation are classic and elegant. The decorative glass complements the door well and the specialty windows surrounding them boost that curb appeal.

Bright colored doors are all the rage. It’s an easy way to add character and give your home a distinctive look. This installation features a Provia door with Sidelites. 

This installation is a great example of how we can tailor windows to go with the flow of your existing architecture by designing and installing custom shapes and matching the color of your home. With plenty of options at your disposal, you can be as creative as you want.

The specialty windows combine state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic style. Advanced engineering and the highest quality construction make these windows incredibly durable, versatile, and easy to use. Also note, since these specialty windows don’t normally open they can be very energy efficient. This installation features a Marvin Integrity specialty window with Provia double doors.

Here’s another bold installation we couldn’t pass up! This gorgeous ProVia double door makes for a grand entrance. We love the gold handles and contrasting walls. It’s a modern look with classic touches.

We hope these installations inspired you as much as they did us this past year. Remember, if it’s time to update your doors and windows, we hope you’ll consider us for the important project. Schedule your no hassle-no pressure appointment today to get started.

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Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal

A front door is more than just a point of entry, it can help boost curb appeal, transform the facade, and increase the value of your home. It truly is a great way to make an impact without the cost of an extensive renovation.

Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal

According to Therma Tru’s “National Home Value Study”, by just replacing your front door you can increase the value of your property by $18,750. Now that’s an investment worth making!

Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal
photo source:



We know that the front door can often get overlooked, but it’s what greets your guests and gives the first impression of your home so how about we make it a good one? We’ll help you choose a style that fits your life best, and a color that will instantly freshen up the entrance.

What We Offer

Besides increasing the value of your home, our doors offer:

  • Improved energy efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art insulation channels and perimeter seals, which helps to keep your home at the ideal temperature year-round.
  • Customizable features such as screen options, hardware choices, decorative glass offerings, and different stain colors to ensure a seamless integration with existing décor.
  • Protective manufacturer warranties that back our products, as well as the five-year labor warranty that comes with all of the work we perform.

Your entryway will be getting way more than just a makeover with our quality products.

Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal

Door Brands & Materials

We source our doors from trusted, name-brand manufacturers like ProVia, Albany Door, Infinity by Marvin, among others. We offer impressive front doors available in a variety of materials that work best with your lifestyle, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • And more

Regardless of the entry door material you choose, you can count on years of durability, performance, and energy efficiency. Thanks to features such as state-of-the-art insulation channels and perimeter seals, your door will help to protect your home against the elements and lessen the burden on your HVAC system, thus improving energy efficiency.

Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal

Furthermore, our expert team can customize your door during installation to meet your preferences for appearance and functionality. You can select from a range of screen options, stain colors, and hardware choices to ensure a flawless finish that exceeds your expectations.

Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal

We’ll help you create a door that’s custom to your style and everyday life with quality materials you can trust. Our Design and Energy experts can also help you visualize this final look with our Home Visualizer tool that allows you to try on styles before buying.

Front Doors That Add Instant Curb Appeal

Plus, now is a great time to renovate considering we’re offering 33% off door installations (ends 9/30/18). As always, NEXT Door & Window offers no hassle-no pressure appointments so schedule yours today

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4 Reasons to Choose Custom Windows or Doors

We get it; it can be tempting to go the cheapest route when you need to upgrade your windows and doors, or it can seem easier to just ignore them altogether. Windows and doors can often get overlooked when updating a home, but today we’re sharing 4 reasons it’s so important to choose quality custom windows (or doors), and how the investment goes way beyond what you can imagine.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

1. Add Value to Your Home

Upgrading your old, drafty windows or doors to custom products will automatically add value to your home. Besides the value, they also add curb appeal. According to Therma Tru, “When you update, replace, or improve your entry, you can increase your home’s perceived value by $18,750 on average!“ That’s a huge increase with something as simple as updating your front door.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

Custom window replacements can also add beauty to your home inside and out. It’s actually one of the few home improvements that can enhance both your interior and exterior designs. One of the best things about it is that you’re not limited to what’s on the shelf; you can custom design what’s perfect for your style and home.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

Custom windows and doors are a great return on investment and will cost you less than say adding a sunroom or renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom.

2. Save Money in the Long Run

As we mentioned above, we know that going the cheaper route can be tempting, but quality, custom windows or doors will stretch your dollar so much longer. Professionally installed custom windows or doors will keep the drafts out during our rough winter months. When properly installed and Energy Star® labeled, your new windows will keep the heat in during the winter months, and the rooms cool during the summer months.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

Don’t forget that the doors can also be energy efficient! Another great thing about custom windows or doors is that most of them don’t need a lot of maintenance, which just saves you money in the long run. One example is choosing a material that never needs painting to remain attractive and intact, and that alone can save you thousands down the road.

4 Reasons to Choose Custom Windows or Doors

3. More Natural Light and Open Space

Not much can change a room like more natural light and space! By adding floor to ceiling windows you can dramatically change your home.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

Bow or Bay windows will open up any room, and offer the opportunity to create an extra relaxing nook for reading or a breakfast bench (if desired). By choosing custom windows you can ensure professional and detailed installation, more opportunities to truly create the space of your dreams, and quality to last a lifetime. They’re worth every penny.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

4. Brands You Can Trust

When you’re choosing quality over anything you’re able to choose from reputable brands that have been in the window and door making business for decades. You know that you’re getting something worthwhile for your hard earned money.

4 reasons to choose custom windows and doors

You’re choosing from brands with high ratings and products that fit or exceed all the qualities you’re looking for. At Next Door and Window, we offer Marvin, Integrity, Infinity, and Sunrise windows. We also offer doors by Provia, Therma Tru, and Albany. Give us a call today to set up your free appointment.

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4 Reasons to Choose Custom Windows or Doors