Key People At Next Door & Window


Key People, Justin Bartley

Justin Bartley

I started working in the home improvement industry when I was 9 years old. Now I am forty-something, so I have spent the last 30+ years learning how to provide the best customer service in the home improvement industry. I have OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which means I feel the need to check things repeatedly and perform rituals over and over. Through the years our company has taken on this culture of obsessing over the details for our customers to provide the best experience possible. Here are the reasons why we are truly different than virtually every other home improvement company.

We have formed direct relationships with the best manufacturers in the window and door industry like Marvin, Infinity from Marvin, Sunrise, and Provia. This allows us to offer you the ultimate in selection and our sales team makes the process EASY to find the best products for your home and budget.

  1. You get the exact colors you want to match your décor. We have our own paint and stain facility so we can offer all of your doors, windows, and interior trim any color YOU want BEFORE they are installed. (Most other companies will have you call a painter to interrupt your life and home AFTER the products are installed).
  2. You will have a dedicated project manager that will communicate with you regularly throughout the process, so you know what to expect and when.
  3. The installers will treat your home better than they treat their own. They use the highest level of craftsmanship and care and will ensure they leave your home as clean (or better) than it was when they arrived.
  4. All service and warranty requests are taken by a dedicated service department the first time you call. When necessary, we will dispatch a service person to your home within a 1-hour window. (Not a 1-day window)

Due to the nature of our business, mistakes will occur from time to time. In these situations, we will demonstrate an unequaled sense of urgency to bring any problem to a swift and acceptable conclusion. If you experience a deviation from our commitment, I would greatly appreciate you calling me personally. While we understand mistakes happen, I can assure you that we will follow up in a timely manner with a resolution. Thank you for the opportunity to work for you. We hope to continue earning your business in the future.

Justin Bartley
President and Owner

Ron BurnsRon Burns

“I learned from my father to take care of the customer or someone else will.” Today with Ron being the second generation and his son, Justin, being the 3rd generation we remain actively involved in the strong commitment to our customers, employees, products, installation, and service.

Ron Burns


Our Sales Team

At NEXT Door & Window, we realize that replacing your windows and doors is one of the largest investments that you will make to your home. For this reason, our sales consultants will do everything possible to give you the information that you need to make the best decision for your home in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This begins with the first phone call where a member of our friendly leads team will assist in setting an appointment that will accommodate your schedule. A sales consultant is selected based on your neighborhood giving him a working knowledge of your house style, association requirements and village codes. NEXT Door & Window carries a variety of products knowing that no single product will work in every situation. We will spend the time needed to understand your concerns and help you select the product that best meets your needs. Once a decision has been made, your consultant will remain active through the completion of your project. This will ensure that your expectations are met with our goal of 100% satisfaction.
Justin Bartley
Sales Manager


Our Production Team

At NEXT Door & Window, we pride ourselves on our attention to details. We use our years of experience and processes to make sure the windows & doors with the options you want match the dimensions your home needs. Projects are not only double-checked but are triple-checked for multiple times throughout the order process to guarantee customer satisfaction. From the Project Managers assigned that oversee your project, the warehouse specialists who hand pick materials for your order, to the shipping & receiving crews who personally handle your product NEXT Door & Window is truly “Obsessed with the details”.

Matt Slowiak
Production Manager

Our Installation Team

When it comes to installing our top-of-the-line windows and doors, our installation team provides customers with talented and qualified installers who care about their craftsmanship. Our installers are passionate about what they do and it shows from the time they arrive to when your professionally installed windows and doors have beautifully transformed your home. We bring years of experience-from installing a single window or door, to installing a very large complex project with ease.

We first think with our minds, then our hands do the work, but we truly install from the heart!

The NEXT Door & Window team goal is to “Exceed the expectations in the eyes of our customers.”

Hugh Yates
Installation Manager

Our Service Team

At NEXT Door & Window, we strive to provide you with Excellence in Service. With an experienced service staff (over 60 cumulative years) that actively pursues continuing education from multiple major window and door manufacturers, you can trust that your product is being cared for by a professional. NEXT Door & Window keeps over 98% of all service requests in-house to ensure the quickest resolution, as well as having a direct point of contact. Using standardized measures of checks and balances, we are able to constantly track the status of open orders, so you, being a valued customer, do not “fall through the cracks”. We understand that your time is valuable-and we aim to make efficient resolutions on our first visit.

Art Lehmann
Service Manager